Who Should Attend?


CEOs and owners of MSPs, VARs and IT services companies who want to GROW through the coronavirus recession. If you want to make sure you don’t lose ground this year and are positioned to get as much of the business as is to be had, you do not want to miss this event.


Marketing and sales pros selling managed IT services, cyber security, telephony and other IT projects. This event will feature MULTIPLE sessions and strategies for marketing automation, lead generation, client attraction, social media campaigns and sales-boosting strategies – NOT just techie sessions.

The threat landscape changes quickly – and if you’re not getting out to learn about new trends, vendors, solutions and opportunities, you will quickly fall behind. You may even be underserving your clients by not knowing about the latest and most effective solutions available to protect them. This event will give you a number of NEW strategies, NEW vendors and NEW solutions that I can practically guarantee you’ve never heard of – or used – for packaging, pricing, delivering and selling cyber security solutions AND keeping your current clients safe.


The small IT business owner who wants to learn how to automate marketing instead of having to hire an army of sales and marketing people. Part of our workshop will show you how our most sales-driven MSPs are injecting great efficiency and intelligence into their marketing efforts using new “push-button” marketing automation tools for IT services firms and MSPs. We’ll show you how to organize your list and marketing campaigns so you APPROPRIATELY follow up and communicate with the various leads, clients and opportunities coming at you every day so you don’t get overwhelmed and fail to follow up properly and in a timely manner.

Here’s What Previous Roadshow Guests Have To Say:

Dan Matney

“The Roadshow Blows All Other Events Out Of The Water!”

"Robin’s team KILLED IT in Chicago! I’ve been to other industry events, but the Roadshow just blew everything out of the water. I developed three new partnerships that will not only better my company, but have invigorated me beyond words. Thanks to Robin and her team for putting on such a fantastic event and experience."

Dan Matney Matney Technology Group

Paul Nebb

“You’re Missing Out And Doing Yourself (And Your Business) A Disservice By Not Taking Advantage Of The Roadshows”

"It's very easy to come up with excuses not to attend. We're all busy. Every major business/profession has continuing education requirements. I, seeing myself as a "technology professional" treat Technology Marketing Toolkit as the continuing education to continuously better myself. I was able to bring my marketing manager to this event as well. Having my 'implementer' there next to me was critical as it helps us both to stay on the same page."

Paul Nebb Titan Technologies

Scott Taylor

“I Had 20 Raving Responses That Blew Me Away!”

"After I came home from last year's event I sent out a 'testimonial request e-mail.' I sent 106 e-mails to customers from the last five years. Three days later, I received 20 raving responses that have blown me away. I had a feeling we were good at what we do, but this confirmed it in an incredibly impactful way. I look forward to using these great testimonials with our newsletters, websites, and employee motivation! A shout-out to Robin and her team for putting this together – and for the motivation to do something new and kind of scary."

Scott Taylor Corban IT Services

Sid Rothenberg

“An Amazing Experience”

"Thank you for such an awesome event! Your team's willingness to share their knowledge and answer our questions was fantastic, and I definitely saw a lot of value from attending. You're the best!"

Sid Rothenberg Reliable Information Technology, Inc.

Keith Carrizosa

“This Is A Must-Go Event For MSPs”

"I have been to several industry events here in Chicago, but I have to say this one was the best so far! If you’re an MSP sitting on the fence about whether to add cyber security to your arsenal of tools or wondering how to make your current solution better, then you MUST go to Robin’s Roadshow. Not only does Robin lay out several different vendors specifically selected to help you deliver your cyber security practice to your existing and potential clients, but there are templates to use, videos to review and others who are already doing this to ask. I would have paid thousands more for a ticket; it’s worth it – hands down."

Keith Carrizosa Azure Horizons

Bill Ooms

“The Roadshow Was An Amazing Event!”

"I went with my sales and marketing staff, and it was great to get them all onboard, and they got a lot of great ideas we are already implementing! The content and ideas really helped me to solidify my cyber security solution, and the vendors were top-notch!"

Bill Ooms Business System Solutions Inc.