Speakers And Agenda

Who is Robin Robins?

The Recession Rescue Blueprint: How To Change Your Sales, Marketing And Services Offering To Actually GROW 15% to 20% This Year

Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” NOT TRUE – particularly right now and in the coming year. We are NOT going to have another banner year like 2019 with money running uphill and Windows 7 upgrades rolling in. Money is going to be parked for a while, and desperate competitors will start cutting their prices to the bone to lure clients who are also desperate to save a buck.

What will YOU do? “Hide” and hope things turn around? Maybe “try” a little marketing? Then get ready for a VERY rough ride. Mark my words: A BIGGER economic crash is coming. If you don’t change FAST, you’ll lose all gains you’ve made over the past 5 to 10 years. How long can you hold YOUR breath?

That’s why I’ve designed my sessions to ensure YOU are NOT going to be a defenseless, complacent victim of the uncertain times we’re in. Not only will I show you how to STEM THE LOSSES, but also to find NEW ways to generate sales, replace lost clients and actually get ahead THIS year. Here are just a few of the topics I’ll cover:

  • Where To Find The Hidden Money In Your IT Services Business
    I promise you, there’s thousands of dollars “buried” in your IT services business that you’re overlooking – and I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to find it, secure it and set up systems to make sure you never overlook it again.
  • How To Get 4 Times The Results In Business With 1/4th Of The Work
    Because money is NOT going to flow as easily this year, I’m going to show you my personal secrets to generating a 5x, 10x, 20x multiple from every client, every campaign, every investment, every employee and every project you initiate. This is a philosophy I’ve personally developed that has allowed me to grow my business 15% to 25% EVERY YEAR, securing an average top-line revenue of $454,000 to $510,000 per employee for the last decade. I guarantee that what I share with you is something you’re NOT doing now, and may have never thought to do, but will pay off in multiples.
  • The “Willie Sutton” Approach To Marketing
    The notorious bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked, “Willie, why do you rob banks?” His reply: “Because that’s where the money is.” During a recession, the EASY money is parked and will be for some time. But make no mistake – there IS money flowing. The “secret” is to make sure you’re strategically putting yourself in the flow of those opportunities. I’ll show you what IT services are IN DEMAND right now, what markets are HOT and how you can use this recession to your advantage to get opportunities that are not available when the economy is booming.
  • A NEW Marketing Campaign That Will CRUSH Your Competition
    In order for you to win a new client, you have to REPLACE someone else – but how do you get in the door when that prospect is already outsourcing to a competitor and doesn’t know they are being underserved and mistreated? I’ll give you the single best strategy I’ve seen working for my clients in unseating the competition and securing lucrative contracts for themselves. You do NOT want to be on the other side of this loaded gun!

Who is Allison Foelber?

What MSPs Are Doing NOW To Implement “Push-Button” Marketing, Lead Generation And Sales Systems

It’s ironic: MSPs who should know how technology can drastically improve efficiencies, stubbornly (or foolishly?) insist on MANUAL processes or horribly inefficient software to try and do marketing. So, if you’re still trying to use your PSA tool for marketing, or are attempting to manage your sales and lead generation efforts using 2 or 3 different marketing applications, you need to see this new information. During this session you’ll discover:

  • How to set up automation systems that take the manual labor out of marketing and selling so you double results WITHOUT having to hire a small army of sales and marketing people. Nuff said.
  • How to build a RESPONSIVE e-mail list of prospects and KEEP them opted in and engaged. Due to a recent change in Office 365, getting your e-mails delivered and opened has gotten exponentially more difficult. You need to know what these changes are and modify your approach to e-mail marketing OR get your domain unfairly flagged so NONE of your e-mails go through.
  • How to build and organize a marketing list the right way. Your list is the single most important and valuable asset to your organization, but most MSPs either don’t have one or don’t have it maintained in a system that allows them to use it properly for marketing. If you want to maximize sales (especially when sales opportunities are more precious than ever), you need to see how successful MSPs are handling the capture and organization of their lists.

Autopilot marketing systems that implement themselves. A great marketing plan is WORTHLESS if you can’t consistently implement. That’s why part of this workshop will be about the tools and BEST PRACTICES for how our most successful members are setting up marketing systems to ensure they never “get too busy” and forget to follow up with or stay in touch with clients and hot prospects. This will be a game changer if you struggle to get marketing implemented consistently.

Who is Mike Stodola?

The NEW Digital Marketing Blueprint And Checklists To CHEAP Lead Generation

One of the good things that’s come from the “plague” is that digital marketing has suddenly become CHEAPER and more productive in a few key areas. Thanks to a few new discoveries we’ve made, our lead generation costs have gone down from $400 per marketing qualified lead to as little as $13 to $24! During my workshop, I’m going to not only tell you what they are, but give you the checklists you need to execute the minute you get back to your office.

Who is Bruce McCully?

The New MSP 2.0: What You Need To Offer NOW In Every Managed Services Contract You Sell

Due to growing cyber security attacks, regulatory compliance and the work-from-home trend, the MSP business model HAS CHANGED and MUST change. You are grossly negligent if you’re simply slapping an antivirus on your clients’ workstations and calling it “managed services.”

But what SHOULD you include in your managed services offering that keeps your clients safe WITHOUT pricing yourself out of the market? What are the best vendors to partner with that will allow you to serve both small clients and larger MSP contracts? And how do you price it all to make sure your margins are solid?

During this session, Cyber Security Specialist Bruce McCully will be giving you a NEW and updated “MSP 2.0” blueprint for 3 types of managed IT services offerings:

  • The NEW STANDARD Managed IT Services Contract: What you MUST include in every managed services agreement for ALL clients, regardless of how small they are. You don’t want to touch a client’s network if you don’t have these tools and services in place.
  • The “Security-Focused” Managed IT Services Contract: This is the next level up of managed services that you want to offer your larger, more sophisticated clients who want added security protections. Bruce will show you exactly what to include, what vendors are the best to choose from and how to bundle and package this to maximize profit margins while truly delivering a “WOW” experience for your client.
  • The Compliance-Driven Managed IT Services Contract: Regardless of the size of the organization, some companies MUST have certain protections in place by law. If you are not including the right cyber security protections, you are negligent by default. If ANY of your clients host “sensitive” information (medical or financial records, for example), you cannot allow them to buy anything less than what is outlined in this session.
Rob Rae

Who is Rob Rae?

The Shocking State Of The Industry: What MSPs Are Doing Now To Preserve Margins, Keep Clients Paying And Generate Quick Revenue Surges

In this session, Rob Rae will cast a light on the opportunities that have revealed themselves in the wake of a global pandemic and show you how to gain ground while many pull back.

From a service provider to “trusted advisor”: See how COVID and the fast response of MSPs have shifted their relationship with their clients to that of a “trusted advisor” and how that value shift can lead to more and bigger sales.

Co-managed opportunities abound: Discover a whole new market as companies are now more likely than ever to be interested in a co-managed IT model. This means bigger contracts and a whole new field of opportunity.

Tools to get leads and sales: Get new marketing tools that speak to what your prospects want and need now in order to get your foot in the door with your ideal prospects and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Charles Swihart

Who is Charles Swihart?

How This MSP Fired 982 Worthless Break-Fix Clients And Transformed His Business To A HIGH-Profit, Multimillion-Dollar MSP In Under 36 Months

In the last few years, Preactive IT Solutions has doubled revenues to reach $1.76 million and saw a profit growth of 551%, breaking the half-million-dollar mark for the first time (after paying REAL salaries!). They’ve made Houston Business Journal’s “Fast 100 List” and they are on pace for another amazing year of growth.

But the outlook wasn’t always so bright. Just a few years back, they were servicing nearly a THOUSAND break-fix clients, constantly overworked due to small margins, and the owner, Charles Swihart, was literally killing himself with stress and the havoc the business was wreaking on his body.

That’s when Charles went to the fall 2015 Roadshow in Dallas and employed a four-step sales, marketing and lead generation process that lands appointments and HIGHLY PROFITABLE MRR contracts!

Charles will share his strategies and how focusing on the phrase “The Top Line Is For Vanity. The BOTTOM LINE Is For Sanity” allowed this self-described “little MSP” to achieve $512,764 in profits!

Ryan Denning

Who is Ryan Denning?

Disrupt The Traditional Security Stack

For MSPs, the magic question is this: The days of the traditional security stack are numbered, and it’s going to be disrupted. Can you offer a better security solution at a lower cost to your customer – AND increase margin for yourself? We will show you what that looks like based on our background and experience. Learn how a specific combo of tools that is 1) integrated to provide cost/staff savings, or 2) simply bundled to streamline sales, is going to be the key to MSPs winning in the future.

Amelia Paro

Who is Amelia Paro?

Diversify Your Security Stack To Maintain MSP Stability

No matter the uncertainty of the world economies, one thing is clear: IT security is more important than ever before. Businesses of every kind have pivoted to online ordering, delivery of services and remote base of operations, and the rate of cyber-attacks has increased dramatically during the shift. For MSPs, it has become imperative to not only offer – but to require – that their customers maintain a standard layer of security within their service bundle. Learn from ID Agent’s Amelia Paro how their MSP partners are not only surviving, but thriving during the economic crisis, by building their offerings on a foundation of training, testing, monitoring and secure access controls with ID Agent’s suite of services.

Paul Redding

Who is Paul Redding?

How MSPs Can Instantly Secure A Stream Of High-Margin MRR Selling Compliance As A Service

There isn’t a single state that has not passed – or isn’t about to pass – new regulatory compliance measures that millions of businesses must comply with. While this is a giant problem for those businesses, it’s a massive opportunity for MSPs to not only help their clients deal with these regulations, but also deliver a high-margin, incredibly sticky and NECESSARY service to their clients.

Companies in the health care industry, or who host or access other controlled data, are required by law to invest heavily in compliance and security or risk enormous fines and penalties. Yet many medical practices still do NOT have the solutions they need in place, leaving a huge opportunity for true business solutions providers to step in and fill these gaps.

During this session, our VP Partner Engagement and Cyber Security, Paul Redding, will discuss how to increase MRR and margins while you build deeper, stickier relationships with your clients by delivering Compliance as a Service.

Mark Winter

Who is Mark Winter?

Foolproof Ways To Win New Business From Clients And Prospects

When times are tough, sometimes the best solutions are the tried-and-true approaches that have stood the test of time and are proven to work no matter what the extenuating circumstances. In this session, RapidFire Tools VP of Sales Mark Winter will get your wheels spinning with several market-proven strategies to sell your stuff to people who don’t even know they need it. You’ll get the headline summary of some surprisingly simple ways to close business for services you already offer and to expand your IT portfolio with some innovative new offerings that will differentiate you from the competition, help you command higher fees and lock in your existing clients.

Danny Jenkins

Who is Danny Jenkins?

How to Demonstrate a Live Hack to Overcome Price Objections and Sell More Cybersecurity

Selling new cybersecurity solutions can be difficult.

While ransomware attacks are constantly making headlines, the stories we hear tend to focus on breaches affecting large enterprises.

Because of this, many small-to-medium-sized businesses are under the assumption that cybersecurity risks do not apply to them. As a security-focused MSP, you understand this is simply not the case.

ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins will demonstrate a live hack you can use to dispel these notions.

During this session you will learn:

  • Actionable steps you can take to overcome price objections
  • How to effectively demonstrate the value of your security services
  • How to educate your customers on security risks

If you’re a growth-minded MSP who understands the importance of demonstrating real-time security expertise, this is one presentation you DON’T want to miss.