Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this different from Boot Camp? Or Rapid Implementation? If I attended those events, should I attend this?

A: Yes, you should attend; better than 80% of the attendees will be members who attended Rapid Implementation and Boot Camp, and the content shared here will be entirely NEW. This year, we are focusing on giving you NEW marketing strategies to secure hidden profits in your business, prospecting in a COVID-crazy world, how to capitalize on hot trends and what people are buying now, and other NEW marketing methods we have not discussed before. Further, our guest speakers will be talking about how the MSP model is changing, market trends and what they’re seeing out there right now. You will regret missing this information.

Q: What are you doing to keep attendees safe from coronavirus?

A: We are working with the hotels to ensure we can appropriately social distance attendees and changing how we do registration, food and beverage, breaks and other interactions. To see the full details, click here. Of course, we are asking people to help us play safe while at the event by social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks where appropriate and to stay home if they have symptoms or have been exposed to people who are sick.

Q: If I cannot travel and attend due to health reasons, can I attend virtually?

A: Unfortunately, we booked and arranged this before the plague hit and did not plan to do the event virtually; so, for now, it’s going to be an in-person event only. If you have a legitimate health concern, send us an e-mail or call our office and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you and get you the content. However, it will NOT be as good as being here in person, and it may not be until late in the year, after all the events are over.

Q: How long is the event?

A: The entire event is 1½ days, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 5:30 p.m. on Day 1, followed by a happy-hour networking reception. Day 2 will start early with a special breakfast-and-learn session, going until 12:00 noon. A more detailed agenda will be provided after you register.

Q: Why only $99? That seems cheap.

A: The reason this event is so inexpensive (cheap!) is that our sponsors have covered the majority of the costs, and therefore we don’t need to charge our normal workshop rates of $1,000+ per person. You can be certain the value and content will NOT be “cheap” and will be well worth your time.

Q: What’s the cancellation/no-show policy?

A: You can cancel and get a refund if you give us at least 5 days’ notice before the event starts. If you notify us later than that, or if you no-show, you forfeit the refund. However, you CAN transfer your registration to another event, provided that location has availability.

Q: I’m not a Toolkit client; am I able to attend?

A: Absolutely! The event is not product-specific. You will get a ton of value, guaranteed. Plus, you’ll get to hang out and learn from some of my best, most marketing-savvy clients.

Q: I don’t have your MAP Infusionsoft program; should I go?

A: Absolutely! We WILL have information, strategies and freebies for our MAP Infusionsoft members (as always), but the majority of the content, sessions, tools, campaigns and materials will be applicable and usable to you regardless of what CRM you have.

Q: Is the hotel and travel included?

A: No, you are responsible for booking your own travel and hotel. However, we have negotiated a room block discount at the hotel where the event is being held (that info will be provided to you immediately after registration). You can also use Airbnb if you want a cheaper place to stay. Uber and Lyft provide easy, accessible transportation to and from the airport, and some hotels have shuttle service (please see the location hotel for more details).

Breakfast and coffee will be provided both days, and lunch and a happy-hour networking reception on the first day. Day 2 ends right at noon.

Fair Warning: The hotel room block is limited to a set number of rooms. Once it’s sold out, there is nothing we can do and you’ll have to pay full price to get a room or (possibly) find another hotel if they are sold out. Therefore, DO NOT WAIT to register, and book your hotel room ASAP.

Q: Can I bring a marketing manager/sales manager or salesperson with me?

A. Absolutely! Most attendees are bringing one or more people from their team who are involved with marketing and sales. It’s also smart to have them there with you so you don’t have to attempt to go back to the office and explain 1½ days of content. I recommend you use this as a marketing “retreat” to work ON your marketing and sales plan with your team. It’s only $99 per person to help cover some of the food, beverage and incidentals.

Q: What if the show gets cancelled?

A. If we are forced to cancel the event, we will notify you as soon as we get the news and give you an alternative date to attend, or provide you a refund (your choice).

Q: What if I buy a ticket and later discover I cannot attend?

A. If you register and discover that you cannot attend, just let us know at least 5 days in advance and we’ll provide you a refund or an alternative date/location to attend (your choice). If you don’t provide more than 5 days’ notice or no-show, you forfeit your refund but we will provide you with one of the event recordings.

Here’s What Previous Roadshow Guests Have To Say:

Sandra and Joe Stoll

“Thank You And Your Team For Another Fabulous Event!”

"Hi, Robin! Joe and I would like to thank you and your team for another fabulous event. Our fifth one. Each year we marvel at how much better each gets. We left last night after 2 1/2 days of our own post-event, where we banged out four great articles, a list of 67 action items to tackle, which will probably take a year to get through but is prioritized, with a new goal of Wow Factor under the client service delivery category. No this isn't the first year we came out with a list. But an interesting thing happened. It's our longest list yet, but we had fun compiling it this time and we actually have a sense of total calm and confidence never previously achieved after your sessions. Two critical elements that were never there, and sabotaged our desire from going from good to great. Lots of Oprah aha moments. Lots of things said that seeped in over the sessions. Take care, and thanks again!"

Sandra and Joe Stoll Technical Action Group

Emily Powell

“It Is Both Entertaining And Educational, But Above All FUN!”

"This week I had the pleasure of attending the Dallas Robin Robins' Roadshow. After following her in social media and watching her you tube videos in the past, I knew she was someone that I could learn from and someone that I personally would like to model my IT sales and marketing career after. She was even more fun and engaging in person! Whether you are just starting out in this industry or further along with your business or career, either group can walk away with wonderful lessons from Road Show. She provided easy to follow marketing plans along with tools that are the best in the industry and used by many MSPs out there. If you are wanting to be shown how to grow your MSP or even if you have a refined process down and want to confirm you are doing all the right things... THIS is for YOU! It is both entertaining and educational, but above all FUN!"

Emily Powell prototype:IT

Mike Werth

“I Can’t Thank You Enough”

"Honestly I was blown away with both the content and vendors at the roadshow. I added some great products to my security offerings and learned quite a bit on packaging and marketing the new products. Several things I was still a little unsure about are now perfectly clear. I can't thank you enough for putting this together."

Mike Werth Shamrock Network Technologies

Sherri Leblanc

“Thanks For A Wonderful Experience…”

"Thanks for a wonderful experience. I came into the event with kind of a worn-down demeanor and left feeling really awesome and reinvigorated. Thanks to Robin, Jeff and the rest of the team for the usual ace job of presenting a fantastic show for all of us."

Sherri LeBlanc RKL & Associates