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How Far Will The Growing Recession Take YOU Down?

As the kid in the movie The Sixth Sense said, “I see dead people.” Only difference is, I see “dead” MSPs and IT services firms dropping like flies. Just last month we saw a shocking 500% increase in IT businesses closing their doors. They told us their clients are cutting back, holding off on upgrades and projects, asking for discounts, reducing their IT spend, and not paying their bills. These former MSPs are getting jobs. A few are working for their competitors now as techs.

Mark My Words: THERE IS A BIGGER CRASH COMING. What we’ve seen so far is just the start. The PPP loans and stimulus checks helped many businesses remain open for a few more months, giving us a little bubble, but as politicians continue to use COVID as a means to move their agendas forward, furthering shutdowns and restrictions, we are going to see continued economic suffering, more businesses closing and money being parked until all this blows over…but when is THAT going to happen? Surely you don’t think a vaccine will appear and life will instantly spring back to 2019, do you?

Anyone can handle one or two clients going south…but what if they ALL go lame? What if ALL the wells run dry?

The BIG question is: What will YOU do to preserve and protect your business NOW? Many will cower and hesitate…a deer in headlights, frozen from fear and uncertainty. Many will just bend over and accept the losses, convinced “there’s nothing to be done.” They’ll sit idly by, wringing their hands, hoping things “turn around” as they watch their business and income quickly dwindle.

     If you don’t do something IMMEDIATELY to strengthen your business and get ahead of the coming decline, your failing will be YOUR fault.

NOT the government’s, NOT the virus’s. YOURS. You’ve seen this coming, and if you do nothing, change nothing, you have no one to blame but yourself for the destruction of your business, the “belt-tightening” of your income, the debt that piles up, the damage that is done.

How long can you hold YOUR breath?

I’m designing this year’s Roadshow so that together we can ensure YOU are NOT going to be a dumb, complacent victim of the uncertain times we’re in and the black clouds gathering in the distance rapidly rolling in. I’ve lived through the 2008–2010 recession. I watched smart, hardworking MSPs and IT services companies collapse, the owners forced out of business in total financial ruin. Thinking “this can’t happen to me” is idiocy. Even if you can survive, is that how you want to live? Watching every penny, constantly having to say, “We can’t afford that,” to your family? Will you be at peace as you watch your business crumbling, clients dropping off, revenues declining?

If you want to not only STEM THE LOSSES but find NEW ways to generate sales, replace lost clients and actually get ahead THIS year, then join us for this Recession Rescue Roadshow, which is the most important event I’ve done all year.

Here Are The 5 Biggest Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss This Event!


Advanced Business Development: How To Get 4 Times The Results With 1/4th Of The Work In Everything You Do

Candidly, most IT services businesses take an overly simplistic approach to business, acting, thinking and behaving “small,” which is why they secure small profits, small wins, small (or no) growth. They only have one door for money to come to them, one way to get clients. They live from gig to gig, talk in terms of getting a “project” or a contract, NOT strategically constructing systems for profit extraction, building equity and ensuring a future harvest and equity.

During this workshop, I’m going to show you how to be more sophisticated in your approach to business to generate a 5x, 10x, 20x multiple from every client, every campaign, every investment, every employee, essentially doing one-fourth of the work, but setting yourself up to secure exponentially better results, building equity and future income, as well as a far more stable business.

Right now, it’s more essential than ever to get the MOST out of every opportunity. You cannot afford to be slothful or simplistic in your approach to business. With fewer opportunities, and money being “parked” for a while, you must be sophisticated and intentional. I’ll show you how to do just that.


The Digital Marketing Blueprint To Get New Clients NOW At A Fraction Of The Cost

One GOOD thing that has come from the plague is that digital advertising costs have gone DOWN. Further, more people are online, watching videos and engaging social media. This is, without a doubt, a temporary advantage, but one you can use to get more qualified leads faster and at a lower cost than you can get anywhere else. We’re now generating QUALIFIED leads for as little at $13 per lead – in case you’re unaware, that’s INCREDIBLY CHEAP.

During the workshop, we’ll break down where you’ll get the most bang for your advertising buck right now AND give you checklists and instructions on how to instantly use these strategies when you get back to your office (or sooner!). You’ll learn HOW to use social media and e-mail marketing to actually generate results. (HINT: there’s only ONE way that’s really working right now.) We’ll show you the metrics for making Google AdWords pay off…LinkedIn and Facebook…websites and retargeting.


Announcing The MSP 2.0 – How To Package, Price And Deliver Security-Focused Managed IT Services

With the drastic increase in cybercrime as well as ever-increasing legislation regarding compliance and data security, you cannot just slap an antivirus on your clients’ PCs and call it done. This is even more true as businesses continue to have employees working remote using home PCs and unsecured WiFi.

MSPs are being forced to take a more sophisticated and complete approach to protecting their clients, securing data and backing up their clients’ networks. Neglect this inevitable trend and you will be scrambling to catch up OR you will get replaced by an MSP that is ahead of you in this transformation.

You’ll also get an exact BLUEPRINT for how to package and price managed IT services for TODAY. We’ll be covering what EVERY managed services offering must have standard to meet minimum cyber security standards; miss any of the things we’re going to outline to you and you’re negligent. What tools and vendors will you need? How do you bundle it all together and price it so you make a solid profit margin but don’t price yourself out of the market? What do you deliver to smaller clients, and what needs to be sold to clients who are highly regulated (medical, financial)? ALL of this will be revealed during this workshop.


New Marketing Automation Tools For MSPs That Double IT Sales, Leads And Marketing ROI Without The Pain And Cost Of Hiring More Salespeople

It’s ironic: MSPs who should know the power, profit and efficiency delivered when technology is used to automate workflow, stubbornly (or foolishly?) insist on MANUAL processes or horribly inefficient tools to try and do marketing and selling. So, if you’re still trying to use your PSA tool for marketing, or are attempting to manage your sales and lead generation efforts using 2 or 3 different marketing applications, you need to see this new information.

It’s near impossible to do truly effective marketing and sales funnel management without the right tools. Without them, you are MISSING OPPORTUNITIES, dropping balls, not following up effectively and are making far more work for yourself than necessary. We’ll show you the latest tools, software and autopilot marketing systems our most successful MSP members are using to automate their marketing.


The “It Would Never Have Occurred To Me” Breakthrough

There are many, many new and exciting breakthroughs to be experienced at this event – ideas and information shared that unlock an area of significant improvement for you…of exponential profits…of greater ease…things that would never have occurred to you sitting at home, on your own, that would change EVERYTHING.

Of course you won’t know what you missed out on if you decide to stay home.

You know there is nothing quite as powerful as getting together with highly successful peers WHO ARE ALREADY ACHIEVING THE RESULTS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE so that you can learn exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it.

At this workshop, my best and brightest “students” will be in attendance, discussing what new opportunities are trending up in the IT services industry, what services and markets are HOT right now and what NEW vendors hold the key to additional sales and profits. You won’t learn this information sitting at home by yourself staring at the same four walls. If nothing else, this is a dirt-cheap way to recharge your batteries and brush up on your marketing skills. Of course, you can count on me to deliver EXTREME VALUE and get you fired up, refocused and excited to make some REAL money!